Cerebral Palsy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The term cerebral palsy isn’t a particular diagnosis, but is now normally applied to children who experience some kinds of brain injury either in the time of birth or shortly ahead. Ordinarily, these children manifest a certain degree of cognitive impairment in addition to physical handicap, frequently with fatigue and spasticity of legs and arms. Typically treatment for kids with cerebral palsy was directed in the physical indications of the underlying difficulty. Many efforts are aimed at raising the ranges of movement, reducing spasticity, and increasing stamina, together with specific treatments developed to increase communication skills and academic performance.

Evidence from different countries is currently providing powerful support for using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance the underlying difficulty in children with cerebral palsy. Hyperbaric oxygen really targets that the abnormalities of brain function. This provides an exciting new strategy for therapy.

These neurons are known as “idling neurons” because while they’re still living, they’ve been damaged to the extent that their role has been compromised. The usage of Hyperbaric oxygen to assist kids with cerebral palsy is becoming more prevalent in america.

Two decades back, Tim walked using a forearm crutch as a result of his cerebral palsy. With no crutch he can walk very short distances normally within our home only. He could just stand without assistance for perhaps 10-15 seconds when he was really blessed. After years of treatment, botox treatments, oral baclofen and even muscle building operation, I was beginning to lose hope that he would ever walk independently.

You can imagine how frustrated we were after trying so many choices that though he had made advancements we simply couldn’t eliminate the dependence in an assistive device. Afterward, my mother-in-law advocated that we attempt hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT. I was quite skeptical. I believed if it actually worked everybody would know about it and everybody would use it. I felt as though it’d be like opening our auto window and projecting $4,000 away. After 40 remedies in 20 days, he can walk much further with no crutch. Although he still dropped often, his equilibrium was definitely enhanced. He travelled from standing for just 10-15 minutes to 1-2 minutes. The other side benefit was that he used to with a few times every day involuntary shudders, these had gone entirely away.

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